Orla Kiely Lusk Armchair Reproduction

The Modern Source

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If you love practicality and sophistication at the same time and you want to have a cool 60s vibe at home then you will definitely love this elegant Lusk Arm Chair. This chair with lavish red cashmere finish could become an excellent decoration of any interior designed with luxury in mind.

- Minimal, delicate and sleek design combines comfort and extraordinary look.

- Luxurious cashmere finish adds extra coziness and relaxation.

- This modern, with 60s twist lounge chair can be used in your office or in a sitting area.

Materials Used

The Lusk’s base and legs are made from hardwood.

The Lusk has a luxury cashmere upholstery.

Measurements (Height,Width,Depth)

The Lusk Arm Chair measures:

31.5 x 26 x 31.5 inches