Inside Borge Mogensen's Home

At The Modern Source, we currently carry our modern reproduction of the famous mid-century piece - The Borge Mogensen Sofa.

However, nothing makes you appreciate the value of a modern furniture reproduction without seeing the piece that originally inspired the contemporary version. While the designs of all of our reproductions stay the same, the aesthetic of the original vs. contemporary piece is still different due to the environment it is set in. 

This can be witnessed by looking at the original furniture designs created by Borge Mogensen in the 1960's which we currently carry at our online store. The design of the original Mogensen pieces is iconic and timeless for being progressive. This can be seen in the photos below of the original pieces at Mogensen's house which today, look just as relevant to today's culture and affair with simplicity in home design.



The original Borge Mogensen Sofa